Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first blog

You know, I've thought for a long time about creating a blog. Then I read some friends' blogs (hat tips to Daniel Bauen, Anna Lam, "Lola" to name a few - and I suppose I should mention the Freakonomics blog since I just used the word "hat tip") and thought about the idea some more.

I have decided that now is the time. As I think about what this blog could become, I want to propose a question to the blogosphere, if there are any of you out there reading this. What should I write my second blog about? Here are a few things that have come to mind in the past few weeks, as I've pondered the idea of sending my thoughts, opinions, commentaries and nonsensicals onto/into the world wide web.

  1. Opinions about the Gen-Y by the non-Gen-Y and why I disagree

  2. E-mail forwards

  3. Word salad (one of my favorite prose cuisines)

  4. The last book I read (Middlesex)

  5. My October 2008 wedding and related planning

  6. My obsession with lists (thank you for adding fuel to the fire, Google Documents)

  7. Being the child of divorced parents

  8. The life of working for a B2B

  9. Trying to transform from a laid-back college student to a hardworking young professional (keyword: "trying")

"Vote" away...

I think this just may be fun.