Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few More Photos de Dress Trash

We had such a great time taking these photos. I stand by our decision 100% to take photos versus preserve the dress. 

And for those who are worried about really trashing the dress, it basically came out of the creek unscathed. I let it dry out at home later and rubbed a few dirty spots out with a rag. Hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy the dress again later.

(click any photo to enlarge)

Keeping the Romance Alive: TMI Thursday

TMI Thursday

After a long hiatus, I am back for TMI Thursday. Today's topic: keeping your romance alive (plus a product review).

We hear all the time that the national divorce rate is about 50 percent. Couples deal with a lot of challenges in today's day and age: job stress, financial turmoil due to our economy, digital distractions (think "forever on" devices like blackberries)...

And bathroom odor. Yes, you heard me. Couple have enough to deal with without considering the questionable smells left in a bathroom after a five-minute occupation. To me, there's not a lot else that's less romantical than walking into a pungent land mine after your significant other exits the restroom. (Not that girls go number 2, but I wouldn't like the idea of my husband walking in on my funk either...)

Enter Poo-pourri

Did you know there's a bathroom deodorizer that you can spray in the bowl "before you go, and no one else will ever know?" It's for real, my friends (again, not that I would do anything worthy of testing this stuff). This Poo-pourri stuff is a true story — it neutralizes some serious odor action.

Just think of the possibilities... you can share a one-bathroom place with your mate and not worry about the stress related to "going" while your significant other is nearby. No more holding it for fear of your scent being discovered. Your relationship is sure to last an additional five or ten years just from the purchase of this product.

Poo-pouri should change its slogan to "keeping the romance alive."

(shop here)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dress: Trashed

(click any photo to enlarge)

I'll admit it. I felt a little silly and embarrassed to be the focus of these photographs — but I reminded myself of the goal at hand (that the discomfort of being photographed would be worth it because the neat photos would last forever). Plus, we were under the direction of three professional-yet flexibly-fun photographers.

And it sure was totally fun. Steffi, Laura and Steve made us feel comfortable and at ease. We mixed serious moments with goofy ones and chuckled our way through the mountainous stream's chill. The north Georgia mountain weather held up for us for just enough time to wrap the shoot.

I'll post a few more photos later week. 

Check out more of Cariad Photography's work here.

Well Played, Nigerian Scam Artist

Overseas scam artists have their typical routes for trying to suck money from unsuspecting Americans like me. You have your run-of-the-mill random e-mails and responses to Craigslist ads — occasionally an eBay con of some sort.

But sending a scam solicitation through a Dilbert comic strip card? I almost want to send this guy (and his sister "Linda") a few bucks to reward them for their creativity!

(p.s. anyone else catch the irony of the featured strip? Love how it alludes to ripping someone off...)

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Your friend family, wanted us to send you this from

Message from family,:

Greetings from Samuel & Linda

Abidjan 03,ivory coast
West African coast.

Dearest one We hope this message meets you in good condition. However
strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not
meet personally or had any dealings in the past. We humbly ask that you
take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit. We are
Orhpans, the children of late Dr.frankwhite Egodinma, We wish to request for your

assistance in an immediate transaction. Our late father was contractor
and an Estate consultant before his death, on his sick bed, he
instructed me and my mother to look for a foreigner who will assist us
for an investment to overseas. He discloses to us about Seven million
One hundred and fifty United States dollars ($7,150,000 USD) which he
kept for Investment in a Bank.

After several months of funeral of my late father, my uncles and some
members of the family started to treating us bad with their human
wickedness and diabolic powers. Thereby forcing my mother out of her
matrimonial home with her children which at end they eliminated our
mother and left us motherless and fatherless. We humbly seek your
assistance to invest this money in your country, and requiring your
assistance in the claim/s of the same funds into your personal account
for investment. We will be glad to give you a good percentage of the
total sum for your kind gesture. Please it is very important you
contact us immediately for us to proceed further. Please note to us
your phone number and address, area of your profession and your age as
to know better side of you.

We are waiting your soonest and positive response. please call us true our telephone number 225 66871104

Best wishes
Samuel & sister Linda

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Extending the Life (or Speeding Up the Death): My Wedding Dress

I loved my wedding dress. It fit great, suited my personality, photographed well and was a great deal at $300 dollars. (A "thank you" again to Dan's step-mother for helping me pick it out).

Even with lots of appreciation for the garment, I can't fathom paying hundreds of dollars to preserve it then keeping it in my closet for decades — for what?

So, tomorrow... we "trash the dress." I feel that some fun photos will be better memories than an old, stiff dress.

The subject (Mori Lee dress from a consignment shop in Panama City, Florida):

A few neat photos I found during my hunt for TTD photos:

Seen here.

Seen here.

Seen here

Some Seriously Hilarious Stuff

Okay, I don't know how my younger brother Paul knows this Allie person, but boy am I glad he does. The girl is freaking hilarious. Covered in Allie's blog: calling poison control after being hot and deciding to drinking from a stranger's hose, an ode to her oscillating fan, rants about her remote control, a recent trip to the ER to deal with a firemonster in her toe and more. Funny stuff.

Read the girl's blog. You won't be sorry. 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spotted in Atlanta

Spotted in a taxi on the way to girls night out (look below his radio mic) — click to enlarge:

Craft project made by the cabbie's daughter... or braided ponytail from an unsuspecting taxi passenger...?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Healthy Dog

Some dogs like peanut butter. Others crave those dry little dog biscuits or pig ears.

For an afternoon snack, I popped open a pint of grape tomatoes. It was mere seconds before our big ole sweet dog wandered in the kitchen, hoping to get a bite. While it sounds crazy, she knew exactly what she's eyeing. She's a vegetable and fruit-eating dog. And she doesn't just eat tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini, she BEGS for them (especially tomatoes). 

See exhibit A (my apologies for turning the camera on its side halfway through filming):

Monday, July 20, 2009

Compliment Where a Compliment's Due: Live Nation Tickets

In an era of utterly despicable customer service departments, I feel like I should give credit where credit's due. I had a really great customer service experience with the national ticket vendor and concert promoter Live Nation (you may know them as a competitor — and potential future business partner — of Ticketmaster). Here's how it all went down:

I realized about a month and a half ago that I couldn't find my Depeche Mode tickets. The two tickets I bought were about $150 combined — not exactly something to let go of easily. I searched all around the house, including multiple searches of the area where we keep all our concert tickets when they arrive. 

After extensive searching, I started to wonder if I never received the tickets. I put off calling Live Nation because I was 100% sure I would get the run-around from the company. Not to mention I REALLY did not want to hear that the concert tickets couldn't be refunded or tickets couldn't be reprinted. So I put it off and put it off.

I finally bit the bullet and called Live Nation on Thursday. I was fully prepared to wait 60 minutes to find resolution for these tickets. I do indeed feel very seriously about Depeche Mode (sing along people: "all I've wanted, all I've ever needed... is here, in my heart... words are very unnecessary... they can only do harm...") To my serious shock and amazement (seriously, like have you ever talked to Comcast, Sprint or about any major electronics company's customer service department?!?!), I got a live person in less than a minute. And that's not even the best part.

The rep I spoke with quickly located the event, my order information and confidently assured me that I would have reprinted tickets within a week to a week in a half. He told me that he voided the electronic barcode of the original tickets and encouraged me to call back if I didn't see new tickets in a few days. My rep told me what kind of envelope to look for in the mail, and he thanked me for doing business with Live Nation.

The ultimate test was getting the tickets in my hand. They arrived today. Score!

Ten Customer Service Legitimacy Karma Points awarded to Live Nation! (And note to self: do the printable pdf tickets next time...)

Live Nation customer service: 1-800-431-3462.

I'll Make Your Clumsiness Look Less Clumsy (plus a celebration!)

Are you clumsy? Do you often do often do things, like spill diet root beer on your shirt or step on your own cell phone, then feel bad about it for days?

If you are clumsy in the slightest, my clumsiness should make you feel a little bit better about yours. Tonight I added a new klutzy move to my long repertoire, which includes:
  • Dropping a cell phone into a pool
  • Dropping a cell phone into a cup of water in my car console
  • Flushing my own phone down the toilet at our first Raging Burrito party
  • Pouring a glass of red wine on myself because I changed glasses (the first glass I was using was taller than the second...)
  • Dropping countless ketchup-laden french fries on white shirts
  • Accidentally writing on countless shirts and pants with pens and permanent markers
  • The list goes on longer than I'd like to admit

R.I.P. electric toothbrush. I enjoyed you while you were still fresh and clean.

... and this post marks my 200th post to Katy Streams Her Consciousness. Cheers to 200-plus more random, stream-of-consciousness-style posts!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Compliment or... not so much

So, I'm standing in line next to a stranger, a woman probably in her early-to-mid 50's. She says, "I think my daughter would REALLY like your cowboy boots... she likes to wear weird stuff."

Ummm... thanks?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Double the Trouble

I realized that not everyone may know I have two blogs. I started this blog ("Katy Streams Her Consciousness") because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to blog about... 

While I still love blogging here about all-things-random (weekend recaps, silly conversations I've overheard, craft projects, miscellaneous lists, etc.), I decided I should start a blog with more of a niche. So that's when "A Life Fulfilled: Atlanta" was born. I mostly blog about thrifty shopping, my personal style (or lack thereof) and restaurant reviews. It's been a lot of fun.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Keepsake Blog Award — and my Keepsake

PLT tagged me last week with a keepsake blog award. A few simple rules (care of Miz PLT's blog): 

Post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you.
  1. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers that you think are keepers!
  2. When I read her blog, I knew right away what keepsake I should write about:
Starting with the moment I met Lauren and her parents (and still true to this day), the "Grinder" family has always been incredibly hospitable. Lauren's dad is telling stories and making snacks, her mom asking people to get comfortable on the sofa, etc. 

For many years, Lauren's grandmother was a regular staple at their home. She was a happy, friendly and crafty lady. As the years went on, she became less mobile and ventured out of her mother-in-law suite less and less. Regardless, she was always busy creating little keepsakes for the people important to her. She made Christmas decorations and stockings, doilies and more. 

On a winter evening (when I was 16 or 17), I made one of my regular visits to my friend Lauren's house. We were probably playing cards or a board game or something when Lauren's mom announced that her grandmother wanted us to come over to apartment-style mother-in-law suite. When we made our way over there, Ms. Griner presented me with a crocheted cross. She told me to keep it in my car, as it would help angels watch over me while I was on the road. And I have.

To be honest, I'll forget ocassionally that I have the cross in my car. It's been there for about 10 years. But I'll tell you what: every time I open my glove compartment and see that familiar blue and beige treasure of ribbons and strings, I smile. I think about the people who love me on earth and the people who love me from their posts high above us. Ms. Louise Griner joined those heavenly ranks in April 2008.

For those who know me less, I should also explain a little more about why I chose this keepsake. In addition to being nostalgic and having a love for handmade gifts, I have/had kind of a tendency of being... well, let's say, an occasionally haphazard driver. I've had a fender bender or two and have sent a few cars to the body shop (or the auto graveyard). This keepsake from Ms. Griner is a reminder that despite what annoying or expensive repairs my car endures, or whatever bumps and bruises I acquire, I'll end up okay...

So, I henceforth anoint the following bloggers with a keepsake blog award. Keep it going!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coffee Date

With Collins.... oh yeah, and Olivia, too.

Another Sibling Blogger!!

Paul decided to take the plunge today... so, Paul, welcome to the blogosphere, or bloglandia or whatever trendy thing you want to call the blog world.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Operation: Spicy, Tasty Hummus

Maria, Api and I had long-standing plans to get some pool time in today. Maria promised margaritas, some kind of tasty dip and chips — and dinner after the pool. She asked me if I could bring hummus and pitas. 

Seeing in that the task was so simple, and I have been wanting an excuse to try making hummus*, I decided to give homemade hummus a whirl. I did a minor amount of googling the basics before deciding on a general direction for my thrown-together hummus.

I think the outcome was a good one (Maria, feel free to weigh in). If you want replicate what I did, follow these steps
  • Drain one 16-ounce can chickpeas; pour into food processor
  • Add the following into food processor: 1/2 cup 2% plain greek yogurt, 1/4 tablespoon garlic powder, 1/4 tablespoon cumin, juice of half a lemon, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper and 1 medium, chopped fresh jalapeno peppers (seeds removed — I recommend using plastic gloves or plastic wrap while cutting — could be dangerous!)
  • Grind ingredients in processor, adding 1/2 to 1 tablespoon olive oil as needed to smooth out the consistency
  • Add approximately eight fresh mint leaves; grind until evenly distributed
  • Pour into bowl; keep chilled until serving; serve with pita triangles
  • (Keep in mind you may want to add more or less seasoning depending on your tastes... so don't be afraid to add a little at a time)

*I also have a black eyed pea hummus recipe of my father's that I need to try making — it's sure good when he makes it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009



That one word describes exactly how I feel right now. When I posted yesterday about being laid off, I neglected to include one very important sentence: "Part of the reason I know I'll be fine is that I have the most amazing support net of family, friends and professional contacts."

Well, as I went to get the mail this afternoon, I noticed a suspicious package in the carport. Something Dan ordered? A belated wedding gift? Nope, none of the above.

The box read "" Hmmm... this was curious. As I opened the box, I had no idea who the flowers would be from. Dan had already treated me to a massage — and I'd already had several nice phone calls from family.

Here's what I found in the box:

 Along with this note: 

"We were thinking about you and thought this might make your day a little better. Enjoy the free time you have for a little while and you are always in our prayers. We love you. — Anna, Ben and Paul"

Immediately after reading the note, I burst into tears. What a super thoughtful surprise.

If "Anna, Ben and Paul" don't sound like familiar names to you, these are my siblings. They're all younger than I am but all so strong, so wonderful and so thoughtful. Sibs, you did make my day... maybe my month and my year. Thank you so much. I love you all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Today, I join the ranks of unemployed America.

Before I continue my post, allow me to explain that I understand and respect the company's decision to do a small layoff. It's no secret this is a tough economy — and in the business they're in (or in any business for that matter), it's increasingly tough to secure new business and maintain current client budgets. I enjoyed my year there and have benefited tremendously from the experience. Management treated me well in my departure — and I hope to stay in touch with my former colleagues. Thank you for the experience — and thank you to those who offered to write me letters of recommendation or share contacts.

Resume post. Seeing in that I'm going to have a lot more free time, I should start brainstorming things to do. And what's better for brainstorming than making a... LIST!?!

Ideating... things to do in the next month:
  • Get a massage (thanks, Dan, for scheduling one today!)
  • Increase average LA Fitness visits per week statistic
  • Work on my tan (and margarita quota)
  • Make a list of corporate communications and agency folks to network with
  • Read What Color Is Your Parachute and Carve Your Own Road (i.e. to help me think more about what it is I want to do with my career and my life)
  • Hang out with Olivia and baby Collins before Olivia has to return to work
  • Finally sew that dress (I've seriously had the pattern and fabric chillin' in the closet for nearly a year)
  • Detox my closet and dresser drawers; bring detoxed items to Goodwill and The Nearly New store
  • Paint the living room and dining room
  • Master the art of low-cost meal preparation
  • Mix some fiction books in with my serious/professional reading
  • Network (see bullet 4)
  • Generally help get our house ready to sell
  • Learn yoga
  • Start a book project I've been putting off...
  • Try not to spend money (free time = too much shopping)
I'll keep you all posted on my endeavors!