Friday, December 31, 2010

Give New Life to Wrapping Paper Tubes

The hubs asked me to take the lights down from the tree.

I wanted to get out of it somehow (I can only imagine how disorganized they'll be next year — lights always end up a tangled mess).


I had an idea... and it worked!

1. Find a few empty wrapping paper rolls; cut slits on one end. (Wait until later to cut a slit at the other end.)

2. Start at the bottom or top of your tree. Slide the cord end into the slit, then wrap the light strand around the tube (starting at the top and working your way to the bottom).

3. Wrap until you reach the end of the strand. Cut a slit at the other end of the tube so you can slide the end of the strand's outlet in.


Crossing fingers for untangled lights next year!

Keeping Christmas lights from tangling. Organizing Christmas lights.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quote of the Week (Atlanta Housewives Style)


(At the nail salon, getting pedicures)

Me to my sister: "Hey! We're just like Kim and NeNe [of The Real Housewives of Atlanta]!"

Sister: "Why? Because we don't always get along but we have fun?"

Me: "ummm.... not exactly what I was thinking. I meant because we are out getting pampered on weekday..."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Recapping Christmas in Raleigh

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Raleigh gave to us...

12 Jello Shooters

10 place settings (2 parents, 7 kids, 1 husband)

9 ounces of mustache wax

8 inches of snow

7 varieties of dessert (cookies, coconut bars, chocolate pie, pecan pie, danishes, cinnamon rolls and peanut brittle)

6 strands of baubles

5 hours of dancing (Paul's party!)

4 idiots watching a turkey fry

3 new watches (Anna was one of three that received a new watch from Santa)

2 sisters named Katy/Katie (I have a stepsister named Katie!)

And 1 cod fish face!

What a great Christmas holiday! Thank you to my dad and Susan for hosting an awesome Christmas week gathering.

(Hope all your holidays were fabulous as well!)

- Katy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Story Time: Holiday Edition

Being in that I'm a semi-new employee at my company (eight-ish months in), I felt compelled to make an appearance at our corporate holiday party.

The hubs and I suited up in our best cocktail appropriate attire and headed up to the Cobb Galleria (big events facility in metro Atlanta).

We followed other cars and the parking attendants' light sabers to a parking deck flush with the facility. I left my coat in the car, making the executive decision that a coat check might be more trouble than it's worth.

We entered the party and double-checked with a banquet employee to make sure we were in the right place. Check. We quickly made friends with the photographer, the wife of a company structural engineer. She was hilarious — encouraging people to take photos in front of the Christmas tree and telling people they ought to come back after a few more drinks. The photographer, who's name I can't remember (Lisa maybe?) introduced us to her husband. I learned he works with the Facilities department on waste water and building management projects. I shared with him that I'm in a semi-small part of our organization that sells advertising to the car manufacturers (Ford, Toyota, etc.). I asked him if he'd moved to the new office yet. So we talked for a few minutes about the new building and how nice it is and about an interior fountain that's not going to be installed after all (I didn't know there were plans for an interior fountain!).

Dan and I mostly hung out on the periphery. We were nervous to sit down at a table and get engrossed in conversation because we could only stay for an hour or so. After all, we didn't want to miss my bro and his girlfriend's annual tacky sweater party. Keeping to ourselves wasn't challenging, as I didn't really see anyone I knew. I mean, I heard that a lot of people opt out of this party for other Saturday night plans, but I was hoping to see a colleague or two.

Xylophones were chimed and dinner was served. The long drink line prompted a good idea on Dan's part: me go stand in the drink line while he went to grab a plate of food for us both. While Dan was in line, a woman asked him, "So, do you work for Arcadis or does your spouse?" Dan took a moment to reply but said, "my spouse." The woman replied, "Oh, what group?" Dan found the answer that made the most sense at that point in the conversation: "National Accounts." The woman seemed like she wasn't familiar with the department but didn't ask questions.

Dan and I found each other then found a vacant table where we could sit down. He told me about his conversation in the food line — and we promptly inhaled our food, hoping that no one would talk to us or that no one would ask me anything else.

And that's how we found out we were at the wrong holiday party... for 45 minutes. That's right... my employer's name also starts with an "A" but it's definitely not Arcadis.