Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feelings of Disgust

It’s tough to pinpoint when my hate began. I don’t recall waking up one day with a feeling of pure hatred; therefore, I have decided I must have developed this aversion over time.

Maybe it was the advent of AOL instant messenger and all the cute little fonts, icons and colors that went along with our constant teenage communication. Maybe it was the popularity of this awful trend in children’s birthday invitations, billboards and brochures. Unfortunately, this trend is still out there despite more and more options in design.

To what am I referring?

Comic sans.

While I am no designer, it does make me sleep better at night knowing I’ve read similar feelings on the likes of Wikipedia and graphic artists’ blogs. Believe it or not, there are public campaigns to ban comic sans and limit its use. These people cite bad typography and awkward kerning as well as inappropriate usage (i.e. the font not being originally intended to be blown up or used in word processing software).

I wish I knew when it all started for me. It’s possible that it’s original intention of use with children’s software fonts and text on children’s toys (again, I cite Wikipedia) conjures up immature, adolescent and amateur feelings for me when I see it in adult-made e-mails or other printed collateral. Maybe it’s blatant overuse.

I can tell you this much: saying “comic sans” aloud or seeing text written in this font makes me cringe and my face snarl in disgust.

Or maybe, just maybe, I am just crazy.

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jessica said...

I loved Comic Sans in 6th grade. No more. It's time to grow up and discover the million other fonts out there. I must also say that I hate Times New Roman. YUCK!