Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's Old is New

As part of my totally cool and fun new job, I get to wear about whatever I want to the office (as long as we aren't visiting clients that day). I decided I can wear some fun and funky things in since the rules are lax... and I was compelled to bring my charm bracelet out of retirement. Hey, if New Kids on the Block can come back, so can my charm bracelet. The dolphin charm is my favorite. Better represent.

1 comment:

moeko said...

hahahaha - did you get any compliments? or comments?

when i was little i had a charm bracelet with a kitty, a piano, a softball, and a swimmer

if i had one today it would still have a kitty and a swimmer...and would probably one that looked like a pizza or ice cream cone(because i love food, haha)