Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Here's what I'm thinking for 2009:

1. Be an even better employee (in 2009, employees are going to need to show and prove their value more than ever)

2. Make myself an article of clothing that's not a Halloween costume

3. Learn several dishes that knock the socks of my diner(s)

4. Save more money

5. Move to a new/different house

6. Blog on my second blog more consistently

7. Become more well-versed in technology and economics (two things that come up in my job quite a bit)

8. Be an attentive, enthusiastic and fabulous maid of honor to my friend Moeko (I'm thinking this one won't be tough though)

9. Play more tennis (to increase over 2008, I will only have to play about five times this year)

10. Take better care of my physical appearance overall (I feel that in the past year, I became a more sloppy dresser, hair do-er, etc. etc.)

Happy New Year!


Kate said...

good list of resolutions, katy! my main ones are to finish my thesis, find a job i like, and to start exercising more regularly. yay for 2009!

moeko said...

i made it onto your list! soooo excited for may! :)

annabeck said...

your hair looks awesome now though!

Ashley said...

i want to play more tennis, too!