Monday, March 30, 2009

Roosters Ruling Our Roost

A little Rooster love above the window

Up close

What a fun platter!

ah! Because it had been since Christmas, I almost forgot about this rooster! 
Moeko, I love our wine cork (in fact, it's on a bottle of red right now)!

When Dan and I visited Steffi back in July, we ventured out into the cute little mountain city of Clayton, Georgia — and we stumbled upon an art gallery that was closing its doors. Sad for the gallery but neat for us, as we came home with our first piece of art.

Well, some friends of ours decided it would be fun to play up the whole rooster thing at our house. And I love it!

Maria gifted us with three ceramic pieces of art for our newly-renovated kitchen. It only made sense to make the rooster one front and center. (The others had sentimental value as well. The coffee mug one signified both Italy and my love of coffee; the wine one speaks for itself. Umm... love wine). 

When Olivia came over for her baby shower on Saturday, she gave me an awesome and personal hostess gift. The theme was "Enjoy Decatur." She gave me a rooster platter and tapas cookbook for hosting in Decatur (we love to cook for friends) and gift certificates to two local restaurants.

Thank you for your generosity, friends! (And happy birthday, Olivia!)

More on the finished kitchen and Olivia's shower later.


moeko said...

Don't forget about the rooster wine stopper!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

OMG! How could I forget about that! I have a picture of it on my phone that I will add to this post!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Updated! :)