Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barely Under $10: Accomplice Shiraz

I've been sans car for the past five days, so I haven't been able to casually drive to the store to pick up a bottle of wine like I sometimes do. (Yep, with the car in the shop, I've been racking up my frequent MARTA points — and MARTA doesn't exactly drop you off in front of a nice wine shop).

The car's headlight is fixed as of this afternoon — glory, glory Hallelujah.

So I swung by a cute little shop in Inman Park/Lake Claire called The Mercantile to pick up a bottle of something red and tasty. It was between a $10 granacha and a $10 shiraz.

Feeling like I heard once that shirazes are especially tasty in the summer, I went with the latter. I also must admit it's bottle design was cute — and the screw top was also part of the persuasion.

Specifically Accomplice Shiraz (2009). This Australian shiraz is smooth, simple, fruity and a little oaky... though it doesn't taste as bold as the cabernets Dan and I usually go for.

See what Deal's Direct has to say about the vintage here. (Too bad we don't live in the AU, or else we could buy this red for $59.99/case).

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Allison said...

I just tried the same wine last weekend and I agree, not bad for under $10 - plus the label is adorable!