Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear Steve and Cath —

Thank you for treating us to one of our best vacations in a long time.

  • Did a little of the "tourist" thing
  • Ate (and ate like kings — the food you make at your house is better than any restaurant... and the cheese, oh god, the cheese!)
  • Drank (wine and micro-brew tastings were fun outings)
  • Pacific coast kayaked... complete with dolphins that swam up around us
  • Had our first acupuncture experiences
  • Rummaged (successfully) for thrift store treasures
  • Lusted over (and later enjoyed) beautiful produce at the Saturday farmer's market
  • Admired and bought unique pieces at the Sunday "art walk"
  • Took amazing walks on that amazing Pacific coast beach, complete with gorgeous cliffs to one side and surfers to the other
  • Enjoyed the cliffside hot tub
  • Talked and laughed about life, memories, those loved and lost, favorite fonts (?), books, movies and more
  • Got to know each other better (I married into a fab family)
Steve, I definitely can understand how you met Cath and immediately followed her over to the West Coast — what a lady.

Such an amazing trip — and I feel like — a good taste of California. Santa Barbara is beautiful and you have such a wonderful life there. Thank you for having us into your home and entertaining us for four days straight. Somehow you managed to keep the days busy but relaxing and carefree, and I'm already planning our next trip out. :)

Katy and Dan


Anonymous said...

OMG this looks like such a great time. I am loving all your photographs. Laura

Kate said...

beautiful photos!

Erica said...

Sounds like a great little trip, little lady!

CarrieAnn said...

This looks sooo nice! Is that you in the glasses?! It looks like you guys had a great time :)

Kb_Mal said...

We did have a great time -- and it was more beautiful than the photos. :)

CarrieAnn - that IS me in the glasses! I didn't realize you haven't read my other blog! (