Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010 Costumes Revealed

At work on Monday, I told people we dressed as an airline pilot and a flight attendant... though as a couple we had a different name for our costume. Can you guess?

Friends were:

Kat Von D and Bret Michaels

The rabbit from Monty Python and a Ghostbuster

A peacock (or showgirl - you decide) and The Joker

Sorry for the delay... I killed my laptop charger this week and had to wait on another one to arrive.

Lurve me some Halloween...


Lou said...

Y'all look great. Even down to the lipstick on the shirt and hickey (sp?) on the neck! Wow ... great attention to detail. No offense flight attendants!

Looks like it was a fun night for one and all!


CarrieAnn said...

Those costumes are great! I love couples that dress up together. My BF told me that his parents dressed up as McDreamy and Meredith from Grey's a few years ago. Love that!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks CarrieAnn!

Anonymous said...

So funny. Love Love !!!!!

Mego said...

love the couples costume. love that you and dan pull off couples without being cheesy...teach me your ways! :)