Monday, December 27, 2010

Recapping Christmas in Raleigh

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Raleigh gave to us...

12 Jello Shooters

10 place settings (2 parents, 7 kids, 1 husband)

9 ounces of mustache wax

8 inches of snow

7 varieties of dessert (cookies, coconut bars, chocolate pie, pecan pie, danishes, cinnamon rolls and peanut brittle)

6 strands of baubles

5 hours of dancing (Paul's party!)

4 idiots watching a turkey fry

3 new watches (Anna was one of three that received a new watch from Santa)

2 sisters named Katy/Katie (I have a stepsister named Katie!)

And 1 cod fish face!

What a great Christmas holiday! Thank you to my dad and Susan for hosting an awesome Christmas week gathering.

(Hope all your holidays were fabulous as well!)

- Katy


CarrieAnn said...

Yup...I'm feeling that snow over here in Charlotte! The idiots watching the turkey fry was the best!

Mb said...

Lol, like this spin. And, you got hit with the snow too. Good grief, mother nature has been a little B.

I just need to add here that I sneezed twice while typing this comment. I'm still sick. The word verification for this post is "blessu." That's too funny not to share.

Ashley said...

Haha great post! :)