Monday, October 8, 2007

Reasons Why I Love the Fall

As mentioned in my very first blog, I am a big fan of making lists. It also turns out that I am a big fan of the fall. Today is October 8, and because I feel October embodies the fall, I will list the reasons why I love the fall.

(note: forgive my very elementary post today. I can't help it on a day like today.)

  • The crispness in the air (and often subsequent decrease in humidity)

  • Halloween (both dressing up and the decorations)

  • Pumpkin carving (related to Halloween but a separate bullet item in itself)

  • Football (both college and professional)

  • Pumpkin spice lattes (an occasional Starbucks splurge)

  • Bonfires and fireplace fires

  • Flannel blankets and fleece pullovers

  • Autumn foliage

  • Hiking and/or camping

  • Hot toddies

  • Feeling generally cozy inside when you know it's cold outside

  • Memories of family hayrides and trick-or-treating

  • County and city fairs

  • Scarves and sometimes even gloves

  • Perfect temperature days and chilly evenings

  • Cupping my hands around a warm coffee or hot chocolate mug

All of the above items are things that make me smile and make me look forward to the fall each and every year.

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Mb said...

I LOVE THE FALL, and I'm very excited for an upcoming fall themed wedding. Best season of the year by far.