Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dan's Christmas Gift

So, Dan told me a long time ago that he would love to have a quilt made of all his childhood, youth and college t-shirts. He mentioned that he thought about sending off his shirts at one point but decided against it because he wasn't sure he trusted a stranger with the project.
So, in August, I started on the project. I started cutting the shirts into appropriate sizes, trimming just around the shirt graphics and logos, and making a list of items I would need (seam ripper, quilting thread, batting, backing, extra material for the front, etc). One major hang up is that I had to have my sewing machine repaired before finally ditching it (i.e. trading it in) for an older but more reliable model. Thank you A-1 sewing for suggesting my old-and-steady replacement.

Regretfully, here we are two months after Christmas still working on the project. I know I could have allocated more time to this than I have... I am embarrassed that I haven't dedicated more time to the quilt. Once I get back into the groove, I am hoping the last parts will move quickly. After all, Dan deserves his Christmas present sooner than later!

Above is a picture of progress to date. It's been a slight challenge to use different shapes/sizes (t-shirts ranged from toddler size to adult large) but I think the "puzzle" will work out just fine.

- KB

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Jessica said...

You are so domestic! I used a sewing machine in 8th grade once.