Saturday, November 27, 2010

Traveling = Invitation for Murphy's Law

Murphy's law has its way of descending on me when we have well-intentioned plans of traveling — and getting out of town on time.

Here's a little recap of Wednesday afternoon:
  • I cannot locate my husband's great aunt's china that we were supposed to bring to Nashville after looking everywhere possible — and spot a leak from under the water heater
  • I call husband who tries his best to instruct me on how to inspect the leak, which is frustrating for both of us because I can't really describe what I'm looking at very well and he's not there to see it in person
  • Husband walks me through how to turn off the hot water valve and gas line; he texts our tenant to say we won't have hot water for a few days
  • I start loading up the truck with my stuff, husband's stuff and the dog — in the rain
  • I drive over to husband's office to pick him up with dog in back of truck in hopes of continuing on our way... only to see that our dog pooped in the bed of the truck sometime on the ride over
  • I scrape up most of poop using a Kroger plastic bag
  • We drive to the closest gas station (2 miles away); husband tries to get dog's poop from in between her toes and under her toenails
  • In the mean time, I go to wash my hands and buy a hotdog because I didn't eat lunch
  • Husband asks me to wipe the bed of the truck using baby wipes while he continues dealing with dog poop in between dog toes
  • I set down hotdog in its packaging on console in truck
  • I miss husband putting dog into cab of truck
  • After some light scrubbing, I open truck door to sit down and eat my hot dog... only to see hotdog has been eaten by dog
  • Husband finds some humor in this while I do not; I toss the hotdog bun in its box at husband and get ketchup on his shirt (I thought the packaging was closed)
  • Husband is not amused
  • We each apologize
  • We get on road to brave traffic to Nashville
  • Sister calls and says she is locked out of our house, where she planned to spend the night (whoops... I forgot to leave the key out for her)
  • I coach sister through breaking into our house, hang up the phone
  • I announce to husband, "why don't we just rear end someone to really put a bang in our travel plans?"
All that being said, we finally made it to the Nashville area and had a great time. With 30-plus of Dan's family members, 8 large dogs, great food, precious kids and karaoke, how could we NOT have a blast?



Brittaney said...

The whole hotdog thing made me bust out laughing. I knew it was coming, but it was still hilarious!

Mego said...

it is easy to have a good attitude about it NOW, right? :)

Kb_Mal said...

I am mostly laughing now... still a little mad about that hot dog though... Houston, we might have a problem!

Lou said...

Wow ... just reading this. Awesome! Makes my story this morning seem slight in comparison (husband buys something on a whim that is already a Christmas gift waiting to be wrapped! Have to take the gift back to the store ...)

Thanks for sharing and for making me laugh!