Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Own Personal Theory

A few months ago, as I rode in the car with Dan and friends, I blurted out something I'd thought before. And of course it was in the taboo conversation category - politics.

I will save my own political/personal/social convictions for another day; but I still would like to share with you the thought I said aloud that day.

"I just think that Republicans are probably more patriotic. "

Then I suppose I retreated a little and changed my theory slightly.

"Well, I bet that if you counted, Republicans are more likely to have American flags outside their homes and magnets on their cars."

Too bad I don't have my own personal Freakonomics researchers on staff at my house because I really think I'm right. I think I may also have to save my reasoning for another day, as I haven't yet crafted it into a sensible/sensical form (even in my head). 

What is it about the stereotypical (and possibly the Southern kind since that's who I am most familiar with) that makes me feel this way? I will work on some more concrete thoughts.


Mirabelle said...

You know...I think you may be right on this. I've personally found the Republican argument to be "for the American homeland" represented by flags, go America signs, etc. The Democratic cry is usually "for the American people" represented by less tangible things like freedoms and laws.

Moeko said...

you are probably right about the american flag thing. i also bet they are more likely to have a rebel flag!