Monday, February 4, 2008

The Big Nerd (Right Here)

So here's how it all went down...

My sister called Saturday to ask me what the Jabberwocky is. The name popped into her head on the road and she couldn't remember what a darn Jabberwocky was.

I was taking a nap when she originally called, so I texted her when I woke up and said, "The Jabberwocky is from a Lewis Carroll poem and was also the dragon-like monster in the non-cartoon version of "Alice In Wonderland."

When she and I talked voice-to-voice yesterday, she said she did eventually figure out what the Jabberwocky was by googling it on her boyfriend's phone. I did, however, nonchalantly point out that the "The Jabberwocky" included a good verb but I couldn't remember what it was. She promptly reminded me that I was a giant dork for even saying the words "good verb."

And it, with "it" being the good verb, came to me today... "chortled."

This blog goes out to Elizabeth Hamrick for memorizing that poem in either Mrs. Zorn's class or Ms. Padgett's class. She's the reason I remembered the good verb.

For background info, here's the poem:

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