Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Great Guy

Last night, Dan didn't get home until about 9:30. There have been nights he's had to stay at work that late, but last night wasn't one of those nights.

We got a call from our friend Anna about a week ago, saying the disposal in her condo and her dishwasher weren't working properly. Since she's been living in Oregon for the past 14 months and now has tenants for her metro-Atlanta property, this would be a little bit of a complicated fix—logistically that is. 

Dan volunteered his services. He said, "if it's just replacing the disposal, I can handle that."

So last night, after work, Dan went by Anna's Sandy Spring's condo to assess the "damage." One of the tenants, the son of the mother/son team, greeted Dan. After a few minutes of listening to how the disposal was so ceased it wasn't even allowing water to drain through, Dan realized a replacement was imminent. The dishwasher latch was an easier issue to resolve; the way the tenants had been loading the racks prevented the door from closing fully. All they needed was a tweak in their dish loading configuration. Seeing in that it might be best to just go ahead and do the disposal fix, he headed over to Home Depot for supplies. 

A couple of hours later, the tenants were equipped with a fresh and functioning disposal. Dan the handy man.

This got me thinking more about all the kindness my husband exhibits on a regular basis. Take this past weekend, for example. With my brother moving from a house in the 'burbs to a midtown apartment, we agreed to host my mom and stepfather for Saturday night. So Friday night was spent sprucing up the house and preparing the guest bedroom. Not one complaint from Dan.

Saturday morning, we were up at a relatively early time and headed over to my brother's. I watched as Dan helped carry couches, bookshelves, dressers and a mattress down the stairs at the old house then up the stairs at the new place. Not one grumble or grimace. He would have never thought to not help Ben with his move. It's just the kind of guy he is. Flash forward to Saturday night. Dan was helping entertain two of my brothers, one brother's girlfriend, my mom and stepfather. He was refilling drinks and washing dishes. Here again with only a smile on his face. 

When Sunday morning rolled around, after a field trip to the dog park with Roxxi, we wished my parents a safe drive home to Columbus, Georgia. Dan even mentioned later that day that it was fun to host everyone. 

This kind of attitude is the norm. Always lending a helping hand, going out of his way, regularly making his friends, family—and me—feel assisted, loved and appreciated. 

I'm one incredibly lucky gal to be with a guy like Dan... 


Cariad Photography said...

Dan is a wonderful guy, I saw that when you guys spend the weekend with me. He was so kind, always a smile on his face and funny too.
He is just perfect, but then so are you........ YOU are the perfect and I for one enjoyed seeing two people so well suited for each other. You are both so lucky to have found one another.

Cariad Photography said...

Sorry it was suppose to say....

You are the perfect couple....somehow my fingers were faster then my brain......and it got lost somewhere while I was typing this comment.

moeko said...

yes! dan rocks! matt and i love him - and we love that you two are together (forever)!!