Thursday, November 6, 2008


Little nuances and quirks. We all have them. 

I was telling a colleague the other day that I can't stand to drink water from a coffee mug (something just doesn't feel right about having crisp, fresh water out of a piece of ceramic with a handle) but I don't mind drinking tea or coffee from a pint glass. Bizarre, I know.

Over the past few days, I started thinking about the oddities that excite me or bother me. Here are a few.

  • Strongly prefer little spoons and salad forks, unless I'm in a formal dining environment, in which case I'll put aside my favoritism and use the appropriate silverware
  • Can't stand to fall asleep with a parched throat (I keep a glass of water next to the bed)
  • Find it very difficult to sleep with socks on
  • Like my hot food and drinks HOT and my cold food and drinks COLD, sometimes meaning more trips to the microwave or refrigerator (for ice) than the average bear
  • Almost always have to write thank you notes (or else I feel guilty and like I didn't absorb my mother's teachings)
  • Often dislike my own craft and art projects because I have/had perfectionist tendencies (and maybe pictured the "finished products" better in my head than they turn out)
  • Can't deal with country music, even after living in Georgia and Alabama for a combined 18 or so years
  • Like surprise to stay surprises (I actually was really sad two years ago when I stumbled upon what Dan would be gifting me with for Christmas, even though it was a great gift)
  • Can't eat chicken if I feel like I let it defrost then hang out in the open air for too long
  • Hold onto articles of clothing with teeny stains, convincing myself I'll wear them again one day (then never wear them again)
  • Can barely function without a layer of chapstick (preferably the Blistex brand in the teal tube) slathered all of my smackers
  • Have a ritual of checking IMDB on Sunday night's for the weekend's top grossing movies
What are your little nuances?


Mb said...

After I lock my door, I have to check the lock. I can't just lock it and trust that it's locked. I have to jimmy the handle a bit. Ditto on the anti-mug water and socks when sleeping. My worst habit tho is definitely zsa zsa's fault (based on superstition). When I place a letter in the mailbox, I have to knock three times on the mailbox to ensure prompt delivery. Absurd, I know!!

Anonymous said...

Don't like opening presents before Christmas. I like the room cold when I go to sleep. Can't stand having loose ends when I leave the cube. Finally, I don't like watching my favorite football teams games in a crowded bar or house.

Cariad Photography said...

Hahahaha, many of yours are exactly mine......but lets ad a few....
Often afer leaving the house I go back to check my coffee pot....or the wood stove just to make sure things are secure.
I have to make my bed the minute I get up......can't stand going into a unmade bed :( My house can be a total disaster, but my bed has to be perfect ......

Anonymous said...

Ok a few of mine... I sleep on the couch when my husband is out of town ( if I do make it to bed I sleep on his side). I eat ice cream out of a coffee mug with a fork. (less calories that way :) I have to rinse my hair under the faucet and finish with COLD water or I don't think I get all the conditioner out. I never fill my gas tank until the little light comes on.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Not sure who you are but I love this comment!

Anonymous said...

Oh.... really is anonymous. How about that. Its your friendly blog stalker!!