Monday, August 9, 2010

Light and Breezy

Dan was a busy dude this weekend.

Hallelujah. We now have ceiling fans in all three of our upstairs bedrooms. Ahhh... the fan is such a welcome addition to our master bedroom especially.

We bought Hunter brand fans from Home Depot. This is the 52'' Augusta fan, which we used in two of the three rooms. (We bought a slightly smaller version for our smallest bedroom). Larger fans were $99/piece (more expensive than I'd hoped to pay — but they're so much more sharper looking than some of the other options we looked at).

Here's a reminder of what our bedroom looked like five months ago. I can't believe five months have passed already!

And the dining area chandelier... Dan gets extra points for this one because it required spending about 30 minutes in the 100-degree attic.

He slightly relocated the light fixture above the dining room table in our living/dining room combo room. And he switched out the old porcelain chandalier for a more "transitional" fixture. Even though we only moved the fixture back by maybe 15 inches and over 6 inches, it's now in a much better place (centered above our dining room table).

Fixture is Hampton Bay (from Home Depot). It's not exactly like this one but it's similar. Was reasonably priced at $88.

See the original hole? That'll be patched up soon.


But, womp, womp... one of the globes was broken. The broken piece wasn't even in the box... Now to figure out where to get a replacement piece...


Vica said...

They look awesome.

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, Vica! I'm happy with how they turned out (and happy with the little breeze they provide) :)