Monday, August 16, 2010

What Says Dog Lover More Than A... Well, You Decide for Yourself

I woke up early the other morning with a headache.

I looked in a few intuitive places (my toiletry basket, the medicine cabinet, the linen closet) for some Aleve...

No luck. So I talked myself into waking my sleeping husband to ask him where it was.

"Dan, where's the pain reliever?"

(without missing a beat) "By Roxxi."

You've seen Roxxi. If your memory is escaping you, here's a photo:

So I go back out of our room, into the living room — near where Roxxi sleeps. I have no idea why Aleve would be "by Roxxi," but I keep looking (on the built in cabinets, the mantle, the coffee table). Still no luck.

I go back to husband.

"Dan, I hate to ask you this, but can you show me where the bottle of medicine is?"

He gets up and walks directly to it:

Oh, stupid me! I should have known he was referring to the ceramic Rottweiler that's temporarily hanging out in the kitchen.


Mb said...

Hahaha. This gave me a good morning laugh. Cute.

Anonymous said...

You just made me wake Remie I laughed so hard at that story. (Adam)

Kb_Mal said...

Adam - Dan is crazy to the max.