Monday, December 24, 2007

Crafty Cravings for 2008

This holiday season, as I spend more days away from work since I started working (a full 11 days, I believe), I have much more time than usual to think about hobbies--and hobbies forgotten or regretfully unpursued. There are so many things I want to learn how to do, so many things I want to create.

I feel that my 2008 resolutions ought to include a handful of crafty aspirations. But this means that I need to both narrow down my goals and be disciplined enough to carry out a few projects. AND I have to finish Dan's quilt before I get started on something new.


Create a handful more scarves (these are a hit with friends and family and are relatively easy to execute while watching TV or killing time at an airport)

Practice photography. I've been on enough photoshoots for work (both with the annual report and our internal magazine) and looked through enough cool photography to be able to take a decent picture. Unfortunately, up to this point, I've really only taken your typical "friends night out" kind of pictures of snapshots of the family during regular get togethers. I would really enjoy doing some neat architecture shots or outdoor shots - maybe even neat people-focused photography using friends and loved ones.

Create a handful of articles of clothing. With Tim Gunn and the balance of the "Project Runway" cast for inspiration, how cool would it be to create a handful of funky skirts or simple tunic dresses? I am too intimidated to start with anything complicated (i.e. requiring super correct measurements or zippers or button holes) but would like to give a few simple patterns a shot. I have a trusty sewing machine that's been with me through Dan's t-shirt quilt; I hope she would be a trusty companion for a project of this nature.

Write a truly creative piece. This could be a short story or a freelance magazine article. I don't even know where to start; however, I do know this is something I want to do. I cite Atlanta Magazine as my primary inspiration. I've never been a fantastic or interesting writer yet I want to give this a try nonetheless. Afterall, I feel slightly to be a disappointment holding a journalism degree and not being too much of a journalist. Sure, I write some human interest stories for our work magazine and hold the title of "editor" of this magazine... but it's just not the same.

Let's see what makes the cut. Hopefully something does.

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