Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favorite Flicks

So Dan, Ben and I got into a conversation the other day about our favorite movies. While I don't feel that my "top 10" list is yet complete, I felt like sharing some of my favorite flicks. Maybe you haven't seen one of these and are interested in expanding your movie horizons... who knows?

As you can see by the below, I am not one who's much into romantic comedies or the like; so if that's your dig, maybe my list isn't for you.
  • American Psycho (Perfectly exquisite blend of 80's tunes, dark comedy, witty one-liners and a little bit of, well, psycho)
  • Donnie Darko (Odd drama, great 80's music -- am I seeing a theme here?)
  • Big Fish (Tim Burton does a great job; feel good, whimsical and "tall tale" kind of movie)
  • Boondock Saints (I am not sure why this movie hasn't received more critical acclaim. What a beat 'em up, sock-it-to-em movie); my brother told me this weekend that a sequel is coming out!
  • Good Fellas (Yes, I am a sucker for gangster flicks)
  • City of God (Amazing cinematography, wild story of Rio de Janeiro... you almost forget you're reading subtitles)
  • The Departed (Scorsese did it right)

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