Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Apart

Yes, I must preface another blog with one of my world famous disclaimers…

What I am about to write by no means indicates that I am a relationship expert or have the “perfect” relationship. I think that all relationships require occasional maintenance or encounter a handful of kinks. We’re human.

As I’ve been asked, “So, do you have any fun weekend plans?” today, I’ve reflected on what a lucky girl I am in terms of my trust level with Dan and vice versa. This weekend, Dan is attending a friend’s bachelor party in town but will be staying with friends for the entire weekend. I don’t know much about their plans other than that they will be eating dinner out, possibly going to a local pub and enjoying one another’s company.

I will miss him for the weekend but feel fortunate that missing him is the extent of it. I won’t be sitting at home, wondering what he’s doing or if he’s thinking about me. I won’t be pining over whether or not he’s making decisions that might compromise our relationship. I won’t be pouting or text messaging him every few hours to nervously ask, “What are you doing?”

Instead, I will use the weekend to spend time with girlfriends and maybe even use one night to watch a movie at home (possibly Atonement, as I’ve been wanting to see it). This has become standard operating procedure for us. If something comes up for him that doesn’t include me, he asks if we have plans and then agrees to participate in whatever is going on. I do the same thing for him (consult him, consult the calendar). Neither of us bitches or moans when a professional obligation comes up or a girls-only or guys-only invitation comes via phone or mail and the other is subsequently left out of plans. Instead, we remember to embrace the time we’re together, enjoy alone time sometimes—and use other times to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while. And I like that.


Jenny said...

Honey - I hope it's not too late and you didn't watch Atonement. That is by far the most sad and frustrating movie I have ever seen! it's not a good movie to watch when you Bo is away either.. lol

Just watching out for ya!

moeko said...

yeah what did you think of atonement? i was actually very disappointed with the movie. i didn't think it was very good