Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Land of Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics

As I used six copper colored bobby pins to secure a short veil to my bachelorette friend Maria's coif last night, I thought about something that's occurred to me so many times before. As I put in little pin, I wondered how many of them would come home with us that night... and how many of them would end up on the dance floor at the night club or in the back of a taxi cab. 

Similar thoughts popped into my head as I put my hair into a ponytail early this afternoon and pinned my bangs back to keep them from falling into my face. I asked myself, "Damn, how many packs of these things do I buy a year?"

Every few months, I toss a pack of hair elastics and a pack of bobby pins into my grocery cart and wonder what happens to all those hair accessories. Is there a place where they go to die? If we lose so many, how come you don't see renegade pins, clips and elastics littering the streets, sidewalks, playgrounds and workout facilities? I know I wonder where all mine go. 

Enter Katy's theory. Companies like Goody must have a big, hair accessory magnet radiating beams of attraction all across the universe. When we're sleeping or not paying close attention, they are grabbed right out of thin air and travel at light speed back to the distribution facilities to be refurbished and resold to us. What a rip off. 


Mirabelle said...

Hahaha best conspiracy theory ever!

jessica said...

I find hair things and bobby pins in the oddest places. My makeup bag, my purse, my car, Dave's car, my desk, pockets of t-shirts...

...instead of keeping them together in a central place, I prefer to let them live wherever they are. It's quite convenient. I'm often saying, "I know I have a bobby pin or a hair thing in here SOMEWHERE."

When I can't find them at a moment's notice, I decide I must buy more and let them disperse across my life, and thus disappear. At least I know that I'm feeding the frenzy of others hair needs.

If you need a bobby pin or a hair thing (assorted colors of both) or even a clip, I probably have one.

MEGAN E said...

i've definitely become a rubberband nazi and i through them out when they get stretched. but bobby pins are a mystery. love this blog.