Monday, April 21, 2008

Action Verbs

I am not sure what has prompted this blog post today, though I would imagine it’s thinking about the impending start to coordinating my employer’s 2008 annual report.

Who doesn’t love a good action verb? They are so much more fun than passive verbs and convey much more interest. Action verbs are robust, powerful, meaningful and invigorating. I have to admit that non-business action verbs are much more lively than work ones; nonetheless, try beefing up your business dialogue with a few of these:

A is for administered.
B is for budgeted.
C is for coordinated.
D is for directed.
E is for encouraged.
F is for financed.
G is for grew.
H is for handled.
I is for increased.
J is for journaled.
K is for kept.
L is for lowered.
M is for monitored.
N is for negotiated.
O is for operated.
P is for piloted.
Q is for quarantined.
R is for rehabilitated.
S is for streamlined.
T is for trimmed.
U is for updated.
V is for vied.
W is for wrote.
X is for Xeroxed (okay, I couldn’t come up with anything better for X or Z).
Z is for zipped.

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moeko said...

omg - i am going to use these words for my resume!