Monday, April 14, 2008

Take It to the Grave

So, a drunk Scottish guy trying to hit on some of my friends at the Yacht Club in Little Five asked my group of girls the following question, “If you could only pick one album to go to the grave with, what album would it be?”

His question, albeit a failed attempt to start a long conversation with us, did prompt some thinking among our crowd. Some of my gals mentioned The Pixies, Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground. Two of the gals insisted they were going to the grave together and chose a TLC album as their, I think, fictional (and mocking) choice.

I had a few that I couldn’t seem to choose among. My first thoughts were “Core” or “Purple” by Stone Temple Pilots (I’m a lover of 90’s grunge—what can I say?). Or maybe the album that didn’t leave my high school cd player for months (“Pardon Me” by Incubus). Then I felt a little more “dancy” and wondered if I made the wrong choice. Perhaps Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection” or one of Depeche Mode’s greatest hits albums would do the trick a little better. After all, eternity is a long time to be listening to the same 12 or 18 tracks.


Mirabelle said...

How interesting. You've got me wondering...what would be the soundtrack to my life?

moeko said...

"to go to the gave with" - typo : )

Jeremy Raines said...