Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Days 2 and 3

custom desk (day 2)

countertops cut to size (day 2)

holes cut for sink, stove, etc. (day 3)

day 3 up close

day 3

We'll call Friday night "day 1." That means that the first two days Phil came by (Monday and Tuesday) will be considered "day 2" and "day 3" and "day 4."

Day 2: cut counter tops to size, installed new cabinets (including hidden trash can drawer) and custom desk, temporarily took out dishwasher and vent hood

Day 3: cut counters out to prepare for stove top, sink, etc.; installed drawer for custom desk; installed undermount sink

Day 3: moved around some electrical (installed some new electrical); prepared plumbing; applied first layer of sealant (tung oil) to countertops; added flourescent lighting above custom desk and over sink area; prepared for cork board above desk



Mego said...

i'm so impressed.

Chiara said...

I love the updates!! Congrats hun... Tell Dan that when I buy a house he will be invited for "working weekend". LOL

Cariad Photography said...

I am impressed too.......he is always welcome to come here to renovate hahahahaha!