Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitchen Adventure

mmmm.... formica! 

When Dan told me he was hesitant to accompany me to a coworker/friend's housewarming Friday night, I was a little disappointed. I was not, however, doubtful of the progress he would make over the course of the evening.

Dan's Friday night mission: demolish the kitchen of "Mallory Manor." And demolish he did! Here's what I came home to.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Where there was once a formica countertop, formica backsplash, avocado oven, avocado stove, sink, etc. — no more! Our plan is to do a budget-friendly renovation of our 1950's ranch home's kitchen. Dan will be working with a handy contractor/carpenter named Phil. We know there are butcher's block counter tops, updated appliances, a custom desk some changes to the cabinets and a granite composite (undermount) sink in the plan but are not sure of all of the details just yet.

I'll keep my blog following (wait, can you call three people "a following"?) posted on the kitchen's progress.

the happy renovator


Mb said...

I really liked the avocado green in your kitchen. Gave it such character. RIP retro stove. I'm excited to see the updates as they come in.

Mego said...


devon said...

aha! this explains where Dan was on friday :) looks like he was much more productive than the rest of us. p.s. thank you for the wine!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Mb, the oven and stovetop are for sale on craig's list if you want to buy them. Megan, wow is right! Miz Devon, yes, he wasn't kidding about having work to do. You're welcome for the vino. Tell Trey he can't have any and that I said so!

Kate said...

oh my goodness!! that's exciting, although i kind of agree with Mb about the avocado green.