Friday, March 19, 2010

Master Bedroom: Bed Makeover

When I received some cash birthday gifts from family, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to buy: new linens for our bed.

Lame thing to spend birthday money on? I think not. Since we chose a celery green for our master bedroom, our old bedspread colors and pattern weren't matching the new quarters. Of course, I scoured the Internet for inexpensive linens.

Choosing something with too much green presented a few challenges: the green may not match in person, and we would run the risk of too much green in the room. Dan's main concern was not buying something too light because it would be more prone to visible makeup smudges or accidental coffee spills (he knows how clumsy I am). Considering we already have some neutral sheet sets, I decided I didn't want to spend more than $150.

I was referred to Linen Source by a colleague. Despite cute and cozy offerings, the color schemes were either too light or too green. I also scoped out Macy's, JC Penny's and Target before going back to the old standard... eBay.

Even though I didn't want to go the duvet route, I ended up falling for a Hotel Collection duvet cover and four matching pillow shams ($79.99 plus $7 shipping from eBay seller accessorypluss2008*). I found a reasonable lightweight duvet (Georgia summers are too hot for heavy bedding!) for $29.99 plus $12 shipping from eBay seller bestlittlesheethouseintx*. I decided to also pick up some colorful pillowcases to bring a little of the wall color into the bedding. Ralph Lauren paisley pillowcases were $21 plus $4 shipping from eBay seller jjcv*.

Ta da! Randomly, all three packages arrived Wednesday.

Old bedding that no longer matches (photo taken at our old house).

Wrinkled, but at least they're on there... I plan to get two more pillows so we can add the larger pillow shams into the mix.

Close-up of the pillowcases.

Hotel Collection manufacturer's photo of the complete set.

I'm relived to have this project out of the way! And I only went over budget by about $5.

*I'm in a bit of a hurry today - so I'll have to add the eBay seller links later!

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