Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Pic: Floors

With moving and no Internet all weekend, I haven't been able to generate much content for the blog!

Here's a quick snapshot of the refinished floors. Dan and I are both amazed at how clean and consistent they turned out. Beyond the slight gaps between the boards (from age), the floors look brand new!

More photos to come. For now, we have PLENTY of unpacking to do, as well as some little electrical and plumbing issues that cropped up over the last few days. Home ownership is an adventure, right?

(FYI, we used Scott Loudermilk, an independent contractor, for the floors. His phone number is 770-826-8778 and his We found Scott to be professional, reliable and very quick to respond to e-mails and calls. The only potentially negative thing I have to say is that the quarter round, which was stained using the same stain as the floors, doesn't match the floors as well as I thought. Scott is going to come out and look at the floors and see if the match can be improved upon. If what's currently there is the best they can do, I will still be a happy customer. Scott typically charges $1.75 per square foot for sanding, staining and three coats of polyurethane. $1.50 for two coats of poly. Quarter round is extra.)


Lindsay said...

Just gorgeous Katy!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, Lindsay!

How are your projects coming along?

See you tomorrow night!