Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Rug Down, Four to Go

I stopped by the Cumberland Mall-ish location of TJ Maxx Home Goods during my lunch break.

Wow! I should shop there more often. Rugs, end tables, chairs, patio furniture sets, mirrors... they have it all! On that note, maybe I ought to stay far, far away!

I decided to bite the bullet and buy this 5 x 7-foot tan rug with various shades of brown and red incorporated (marked down from $129 to $90). I envision this one under our coffee table, surrounded by our copper leather loveseat, brown woven sofa and end tables.

(Forgive the iPhone photos)

Now I'm on the lookout for another rug for our living/dining room combo (something to go under our dining table). I also would like to get 4 x6-ish sized rugs for the three bedrooms. I'm thinking solid colors: tan (master bedroom), black (smaller guest room) and brown (other guest room). We'll see. With the good recommendations from you all, I'm sure to find some great items! Thanks for the suggestions!


The Orkins said...

good job - love the colors in this one.

Chiara said...

YAY!! I'm so glad that Home Goods worked out. It is seriously my favorite store. Bad news bears!