Friday, April 16, 2010

Afternoon Marta

5:40 - leave my office

5:42 - arrive at
Marta station

5:43 - the paper trip pass (to and fro) I bought this morning doesn't work. I all of a sudden remember it took 10 taps on the sensor to function correctly this morning when I exited the station. I buy a new fare card -- this time a legit, debit-card-durable card and load two round trips on it ($9).

5:46 - a southbound train arrives. I take David Byrnes advice from facebook today and get on the last car (David has generally found the last car to be least crowded in the afternoons).  Car isn't crowded -- but then again, I'm getting on toward the upper-most part of the line.

5:51 - this train is actually pretty chilly inside. Where was this chill factor this morning when I was developing a nice pre-work layer of moistness all over?

5:56 - Lindbergh station. About 15 people get on my train car, three of which seem they've recently been expunged from mental institutions. We have two talk-to-yourselfers, one of which is carrying her Marta pass, driver's license, AARP card and wallet in a ziplock bag. She's asked, "you want some?" about four times, to no one in particular about nothing particular.

6:03 - I'm no germophobe but the number of people coughing and sneezing remind me of how many colds and flus are probably passed along on this train.

My train is now standing room only.

I hear a man ask the woman next to him, "so do you ride the train often?" I bet she's never heard THAT before.

6:08 - getting more full. Next stop - Five Points to change trains.

6:10 - time to time trains. Doors on both sides open. I incorrectly assume I can exit from either side. Nope, that's to go up to the street. Whoops. Have to walk back through train car over to other side. I go up on the escalator to snag my connection.

6:11 - score! My train is here and the doors are still open. I don't have time to walk to the last train car.

Car isn't too crowded, though there aren't any seats available.

6:14 - car frees up a little but I feel it would be lazy to sit down because only have two more stops before I get off. I hold onto a railing.

I'm seeing fewer afternoon sketchies than I was warned about.

I spy a girl with that fierce
Cassie haircut. Looking good, bb! Apparently the older gentleman next to her thinks so, too. Googly eyes ensue.

6:21 - arrive at my station, wishing I had hand sanitizer.

6:22 - Heavier duty card works fine, allows me to exit. I start walking home. Typing these notes on my phone, walk into a branch.

6:29 - arrive at home in almost exactly the same amount of time it took me to get to work this

P.s. Does the style of these Marta posts remind you a little of Paul's blog?


The Orkins said...

Wait, do you also walk to the train station? You are dedicated...I drive a mile and park at the station when I ride.

Glad you got the more legit card. That's what I use too. Oh, and most of the real sketchies ride mid-day...just wait until you leave work early on afternoon.

Rachel said...

It took you 50 minutes to take MARTA to work--seems like you'd be better off driving, no? At least to spare yourself the encounters with crazy ladies who talk to imaginary people. (Not that I'm discounting the environmental friendliness of mass transportation, of course!)

Kb_Mal said...

Rachel - it does make you wonder if you'd be better off driving!

In my case, it takes me between 30 and 55 minutes to get to work (and usually around 40 - 50 on the way home). Worse both ways on Fridays. Thing is that when I leave in the morning, I have no idea if it will be a 30-minute morning for a nearly-an-hour one. 50 minutes aint so bad. :)

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Ignore my comment on your other post, now that I've read these! So is Marta a keeper, or will you still drive? :)

The Crow said...

Also don't forget the fact that you can actually do other things while on a train, instead of just giving up an hour and half of your life everday to the gods of time- wasting in traffic.

I have an alternative story about MARTA (though the crazies are pretty much a ubiquitous feature). I take the train every Monday to class and it only takes me, like, 15 minutes to get downtown, which saves me a ton of money and time, since getting to GA State's campus and then parking at 5:30 at night would be an exercise in futility.

So, my assessment? Go MARTA! I just wish I didn't have to drive to a station to use it. Why doesn't Tucker have a station?

Kb_Mal said...

I rode again yesterday (didn't have to be anywhere right after work). Took a bit longer in the afternoon but it was nice to kick back and read.

Tres, I think you should build an underground Tucker marta connector! Tucka f*ckas!

Katie said...

The Crazies are there--believe me. Brian can attest to this--once you get someone to tell you to stop touching yourself while you sitting there minding your own business, you are an official Marta rider!