Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turning a Corner

I feel like we turned a corner this weekend.

The nasty weather, coupled with a morning-of decision to have a pizza party at our house, encouraged us to hunker down and get some work done yesterday.

Dan and I unpacked almost all the remaining upstairs boxes (there are still PLENTY in the unfinished basement), wiped pollen off our porch furniture, decluttered the living room and did boatloads of laundry.

One bedroom (the master) is in good shape. Still need to hang our Mallory Hats advertisements like we had in our old house.

You can't see the pieces well in the photos — but we have a traditional, chestnut-colored bedroom suite. These pieces were a gift to Dan's parents when they got married.

Thrilled to find a 16-foot-long runner for our hallway ($123 plus $1 shipping on Overstock).

Here's the living room as of today. (Note: we're going to replace that porcelain and brass chandelier with something more our taste). The rectangle rug is 8 x 11, also from Overstock - $181 plus $1 shipping.

Do you remember what the living room/dining room looked like before? 

Roxxi likes the new rugs, too.

Our first piece of art, picked up when we visited Steffi in July 2008. :)

We finally found something for under our dining room table. Dan was the one to find this 8-foot diameter rug on Overstock. The rug should still work even when we have the leaf in (leaf goes in length-wise so the table turns into a large square).

Perfect spot for the painting my Uncle Harry painted us for our wedding gift.

Granted we still have a long ways to go before the house is "finished" — but we feel more settled in now.


Kate said...

looks great katy!!!

Vica said...

House looks awesome! The transformation so far has been amazing!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, ladies!

Vica, isn't it crazy how much just some paint and a change in flooring can do? BTW, I think you guys have tackled a lot more than we have!

Mb said...

The house is looking awesome! Can't wait to see it first hand (soon, fingers crossed).

Andy Peters said...

Looking good Katy! What a difference a couple generations makes.