Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Seasons Porch

(Aside from the pollen count) now is the perfect time to enjoy our screened in porch — and we haven't really had good furniture to help us enjoy it!

Dan talked one of the managers at Intown Ace Hardware (Decatur) into giving us a 30% discount on this set because it was the last one left and also the display. We're pumped about having morning coffee, newspaper reading time, post-work beers and dinners out here. (And there's still room for the cornhole game to the right). Score!!

It's six pieces plus a coffee table (not pictured). Furniture is Living Accents (by White Tiger Furniture).


Lou said...

Love it ... it's calling my name. Can't wait to enjoy your wonderful porch with you in the near future!

Great deal, too. Always a good thing!


The Orkins said...

Looks like a great piece of furniture to enjoy a Sunday nap!

Julia said...

Love it and even more because y'all got a deal on it. You need a big ottoman to go with it. I would move onto your porch if there was an ottoman. Probably better that you don't get one.

Kb_Mal said...

Mom, Naomi, Julia - come on over for just a nap or to stay the night! The more the merrier! :)