Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie Swap

Yesterday was my office's 2nd Annual Cookie Swap—but my first. 

Each employee was asked to bring at least four dozen cookies (preferably more) with two dozen for swapping and two dozen for sampling.

I tried to impress the creative crowd with Heidi's banana chip cookies, which also included roasted walnuts and chocolate chunks. They were tasty but not quite the decadent and indulgent taste of their cookie swap peers. 

Our "cookies" ranged from old fashioned maypos, traditional Greek Easter cookies and iced sugar cookies to chocolate covered pretzels, oatmeal/cranberry/macadamia nut cookies and coconut macaroons. I went home with a box of at least 20 kinds of cookies that probably weighed five pounds. Let's just hope that's not how much I gain as a result of this cookie tradition madness. Can you say diabetes?

Photos care of Julie S's camera


Anonymous said...

We are thinking about doing one of these - how many people work in your office?

I have no concept of how to organize something like this, or how many cookies each person has to make. :)

Teach me!

Cariad Photography said...

Yummmmmmmmmm I wished I worked in your office :)