Monday, December 29, 2008


Do women not often wear slips under their dresses and skirts any more? 

One item on my Target shopping list yesterday was a black slip skirt. I've acquired a few black dresses this year that are slightly see through during the day (both are made of knit/woven material). My solution was to buy a black slip like the white one I already have in my undies drawer.

To my amazement, I found only ONE slip in all of Target. It was a full body slip, similar to this one. I suppose I should be grateful it was both in my size and on sale though.

My Target online search yielded a few more results, but I'm still baffled. Why wouldn't Target carry more of an in-store selection? Or are people now turning to a different solution than slips? I must be behind the times.

This one is from Bare Necessities


Anonymous said...

They are kind of hard to find now because most girls like to show off their lady-parts.

My suggestion is a department store. I found most of my slips at Macy's - and sometimes you can find them mixed in at Ross or TJMaxx.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

! I have a white one like that that I stole from my mom forever ago, and I never see them around anymore! I wore a new dress to thanksgiving and didn't notice that it was see through and the house I was at did not contain a single slip! I sat down the rest of the day :)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks for the comment, Heather. Geez. Now I don't feel so strange or alone!

Kate said...

i have the hardest time finding slips and i LOVE them!!!