Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today I Love...

  • Thinking of great gift ideas and executing them
  • Wrapping presents (most specifically using fun sticky to/from labels)
  • Graciously treating retail employees while out and about (they're likely overworked, underpaid and annoyed by some less-than-nice customers so I feel they deserve kind words and smiles)
  • Shopping at the DeKalb Farmer's Market (see post I wrote back in January about the place and all its fabulousness); wow that seared ahi tuna steak was delicious!
  • Target
  • Family (all of them)
  • Friends (all of them)
  • Christmas ornaments that invite fond memories and story-telling
  • Good movies (lately Once and Rescue Dawn... will be watching Volver shortly)
  • My husbands (all of them*)

Martha Stewart ornament I gifted
 this year (from here)

Festive, printable gift giving labels 
from Land O' Lakes (from here

*okay, there's officially just one but I love him quite a bit.  And I also am a big fan of my former work husband, Gregory.

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