Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Olivia's Baby Shower

My fabulous girlfriends Staci and Kate co-hosted a potluck baby shower for our friend Olivia back in late March. Olivia is one of our first friends to be with child — so we weren't sure exactly what to do with planning and executing her shower. We did know that Olivia wouldn't want anything frufru (crumpets and cucumber sandwiches anyone?) and that we didn't want to do any embarrassing or crass games in the company of both Olivia's mother and mother-in-law. 

Kate was in charge of entertainment. She came up with several really cute ideas, two of which were pregnancy mad libs and the guess the size of the belly string game. The big hit entertainment-wise was decorating onesies for baby Collins. We three hosts split up craft-purchasing responsibilities, all picking up an assortment of onesies (ranging from newborn to nine months), craft paints, stencils, brushes, sponge stamps, etc. Each of the shower attendants got her own onesie plus a piece of cardboard to put inside (to keep the paint from bleeding through). Girls shared several paint plates scattered throughout the house — and worked away at their baby couture creations.

I suppose a good time was had by all, as the shower eclipsed its 4pm end time and lasted well past 5. Now we all just can't wait to meet Collins. With parents as hilarious and hot as Olivia and Tres, he's sure to be absolutely adorable and tons of fun. 

Olivia and Tres (from their engagement photo session, 

I wish I had more photos of the food, flowers, games, etc.


Anonymous said...

so cute! i love the onesie decorating idea...aka - i may be stealing it for a shower i'll be hosting later this year :) thanks for sharing!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

I was amazed how much people dug this idea. I hope it's equally as much a hit at your event. Note: make sure you have about 45 minutes carved out of the schedule for this!

Unknown said...

um ...that is the cutest idea ever!!!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks Maegan! We had a blast on the onesies... but I have to give creative credit to my friend Kate.