Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(9th Grade) Poetry Corner

I recently stumbled upon some poetry I wrote for 9th grade English class at Eufaula High School. What an interesting step into the past to find these. So without further adieu, I will share a musing from this adolescent collection, unabridged and uncensored:

Tossing Seas

You are like the waters
of an ever-changing sea,
furious and unpredictable,
crashing down in rage.

Your being is like angry waves of the sea
in a storm. 
Sometimes you are still and calm,
embracing the gentle breeze skimming your surface.

Your mood is quite laid back, 
rolling the tides in and out lazily.
Your laughter is like the ripples
being tickled by the early morning current.

Your words seem encouraging, 
steady whisper lapping at the shore.
You are always craving attention,
hurling your waters high into the air.

And in the night you become serene
and lay motionless underneath the moon.

But I am but a dim star observing from above,
knowing that you barely acknowledge that I am here.

If I feel brave later this week, maybe I'll post another one of these. FYI, one of the poems I found is kind of strange and terrifying. Let me go ahead and dispel any rumors: I had a fine childhood. (By the way, a post by my former colleague Molly partially encouraged me to post this. Thanks, Molly!).

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AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Oh I love it! Poetry has always intimidated me- I don't think I ever attempted in high school- even if forced. I just blogged about the movie "Bright Star"- about John Keats life. He writes some pretty good stuff too- I think ;)
Happy Friday, Katy!

ps- I bet Decatur Metro would totally be down for a meet-up!