Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spotted at Kroger: Unconcealed Weapon

So many questions here:

When a person has a concealed weapons permit, are they supposed to keep said weapon concealed?

Do off duty police officers ride in grocery cart wheel chairs?

Would an office duty police officer ride in a grocery cart wheel chair to throw off some unsuspecting pancake mix shoplifter? And if he was trying to throw a perp off, would he have his weapon out like that?

Should socks be part of an off duty police officer's attire?

Why would someone buy only two things: a bag of ice and a bag of onions? Some kind of torture mechanism the world has not yet seen? 



Mego said...

i can only answer one of your questions. according to wiki answers:
Actually, yes. In 44 states, it is legal to carry an unconcealed handgun, although many require a permit to do so. Some, such as Vermont and Alaska, do not. In many of those states, individual jurisdictions such as cities can prohibit the practice, but in most unincorporated areas, there is no law against carrying an unconcealed handgun. In summary, the answer depends on the jurisdiction.

Kb_Mal said...

Wow. I did not know about all this weapon carrying craziness. Interesting! Thanks, Mego!

Kyle Webs said...

lmao, well it's in a holster so it is concealed, and he might not be a cop....but i'm not sure why he would carry it to a grocery store. lol

Kb_Mal said...

Kyle, I think what scared me most was how unprotected the gun was (anyone could have grabbed it!).