Monday, October 19, 2009

House Update: the Stats

Days on the market: 45
Total showings: 21 (2 of which were second showings)
Showings yesterday alone: 3
Offers so far: 0 (but we're continuing to keep our fingers crossed)

All in all, we feel pretty good about the traffic and prospective buyers' feedback. It's a little frustrating to not have an offer yet; however, we feel fortunate in that we don't have to sell and that we very much enjoy our home (i.e., if it doesn't sell just yet, we'll continue to enjoy it).

Keep sending us positive vibes, blogosphere!


AsianCajuns said...

That is a lot of showings - especially in this market! I'm sending you lots of positive vibes.

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, Lar (or Cath?)!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Haha (that was Cath)- but we'll send double the good vibes!

ps- I'll be away this weekend, but I'll get in touch with DM and float the meet-up!

Kb_Mal said...

Ah! Cath! Thank YOU for the fab vibes. Lucky me that you're blogger twins. Good vibes times two!

This weekend is a little nutso for me, too, so we should see what DM's upcoming weeks are like! Decatur bloggers unite! :)