Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bringing Down the House

It's official! Dan and I closed on our "new" house this morning. We're both very excited and couldn't be more appreciative of all parties involved. The sellers were easy to work with and Andy from The Peters Company was stellar as always. We felt very secure with Scott Meldrum of Bank of America (our mortgage officer) -- and Zach McElveen of Campbell and Brannon was a true professional with the closing. Andy's wife Lesley provided great support as well.


10am: we meet at Campbell and Brannon for closing


11:30: closing wraps (no hiccups), I head back to work 

1:30: Dan e-mails me to say he's already taken down the ceiling tiles in the master bedroom ("good news - they come down easily and the existing planks can be used for drywall!")

And Dan's already hard at work.

Master bedroom ceiling, sans 1970s ceiling tiles.

Oh, and he also managed to remove all the carpet from the master bedroom. (We're grateful the floors look to be in good shape.)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS SWEET ONE(s) !!!!! Can't wait to see the progress.

Mego said...

dan is the man!

Lesley Peters said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! Y'all were a pleasure to work with. I'm having fun keeping up with your progress on the blog! :)