Thursday, February 4, 2010

Georgia legislators must have heard my left-lane driver rant

(From the Athens Banner-Herald)

Lawmaker's bill would fine left-lane slowpokes

Buzz up!

ATLANTA - Drivers who hog the passing lane and refuse to yield to faster vehicles could get fined $75 under legislation introduced Tuesday.

State law already requires slowpokes to move over from the passing lane as soon as they notice a faster car behind them, but it carries no specific penalty - and the sponsor of House Bill 1047 says a $75 fine might give officers more of an incentive to issue tickets.

"I don't think I'm alone in thinking this: There are so many times when you're on the interstate ... and people will get over in the left-hand lane, which by law is for passing, and just sit there using it as their own personal driving lane," said state Rep. Mark Butler, R-Carrollton.

Neither the state Department of Driver Services or the state Department of Public Safety could say Tuesday how many tickets police have been issued to left-lane dawdlers.

Bob Dallas, director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, likes the bill because it gives motorists a clear signal about which lane they should use.

I find it shocking... but it turns out not everyone agrees with the legislation. Check out the comments to the linked article.

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Kate said...

i haven't looked at the comments for this particular article, but i will tell you that the majority of the people who comment on the banner herald site are unbelievably awful. like i have a hard time accepting the fact that we live in the same town/universe.