Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picking Colors

While we were at Home Depot perusing the wood stain options, Dan and I also decided to pick out paint colors. I was VERY excited about choosing paint colors, as we kept the colors at our last house very neutral for selling purposes.

While Dan went to check out drywall options for the ceiling, I explored paints. I gravitated to the Martha Stewart collection immediately. What's nice about her paint colors is that she doesn't have EVERY color in the rainbow; instead, Martha offers almost exclusively crisp, clean and beautiful colors. I mixed, matched, held paint samples in different lights, etc. — then I finally landed on four colors that seem to be good fits for our new house. (While not yet shown online, Martha Stewart HOME paints are now available at Home Depot as well as Lowe's.)

To my surprise and additional excitement, Dan liked all four of the colors I chose. They are:
  • Sisal (a warm khaki)
  • Cityscape (a neutral khaki-ish with gray/cool tones)
  • Salt Glaze (a super light blue)
  • Timothy Hay (a lime verbana type)
We'll do the trim, doors and built-ins in semi-gloss white.

I'm sure Martha wouldn't be happy with me for this... but we took her colors over to Sherwin Williams for color matching (SW has slightly better paint, in our opinion and in our contractor's). The folks over at the North Druid Hills Sherwin Williams (by Target) are always nice and incredibly helpful.

And after reading feedback, evaluating our color preferences and considering that we have a (large) pet, we decided on English Chestnut for the floors. This color is also very similar to what's already on the floors, so that makes us even more comfortable with the choice.

The place is going to look leaps and bounds different in two weeks. By that time, the floors will have been refinished and more than half of the rooms repainted. Weee!


Mego said...

so exciting!

The Orkins said...

Love it! Great color choices - my master bedroom is the same color and I love it.

Carrieann said...

Choosing paint is the best part! Too bad the painting itself isn't as much fun.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

It is exciting!

Naomi, what did you do with your bedspread? We're going to have to do something different in order to coordinate with the walls. :)

CarrieAnn, we're hoping it's in the budget to pay someone else to paint. ;)

The Orkins said...

Bedspread was a wedding gift - but Pottery Barn has it for less, and I would think you could find one at TJ Maxx/Marshalls our color is celery:

Reasonably priced painter: McCumber Painting: 770-978-2996

Brittaney said...

Love the paint colors! Our house has very similar colors. The colors are so easy to match stuff with!

Kb_Mal said...

Naomi, that bedspread is GORGEOUS. Love it! Luckily we know a good painter (helped at our last house). He's at our place today hanging the new drywall ceilings. Looking forward to seeing what he does!

Brittaney - let me know if you have recommendations on decor, too!