Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good News in Twos

When I listened to the voicemail that Steffi Smith, owner of the photography company we're using for our wedding, left this afternoon, I can honestly say I was nervous. She said, "Katy, give me a call when you get a chance." Did she have bad news?

Cariad Photography, Steffi's company, handled our friends' Jeff and Laura's wedding last May. Steffi's business partner, Laura Parente, photographed their nuptials and following celebration. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Steffi in July, when she invited us to her mountain home for a little weekend getaway. A love for entertaining and an interest in photography encouraged Steffi to keep up this tradition for years.

I dialed Steffi up, picturing her answering the phone at her handcrafted home amongst her dogs and piles upon piles of digital memory cards and photo printouts. She asked me to send some of the wedding readings we'll be doing to incorporate into the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wedding album she'll be working on for us. We quickly updated one another on our lives and goings on before Steffi spilled out six little words. "I have a surprise for you." 

She elaborated. "I have a surprise for you that I couldn't keep to myself any longer. I have such a tough time keeping surprises to myself."

At this point, I was beyond curious. "Tell me, Steffi, tell me!" I coerced. 

Steffi went on to tell me that she has decided to join Laura on our wedding day—that she and Laura will both be photographing our wedding. She mentioned that she couldn't imagine missing it, so she decided to come, too. 

I can't imagine why Steffi is so excited (she's photographed so many weddings), but I can tell you that I sure am. I hope she has fun, feels the venue is enjoyable and thinks our group is a fun one. What a treat, honor and delight to have them both in attendance! I've been smiling ever since I heard the news.

Two talented, thoughtful and engaging photographers. 

Maybe 15 minutes after hanging up with Steffi, I dropped by That Pottery Place to pick up the custom platter we ordered. The girl managing the shop surprised me by saying they made two platters, allowing me to pick which one I thought looked better. I examined each one, finally deciding that one with a teeny paint smudge was still my favorite because of its antiqued ceramic shade.

While packing it up, this employee said, "Edith said you could have both of them if you liked them both." I nodded and smiled in approval and within moments she was wrapping the large platters in bubble wrap and placing them in a large brown shopping bag. I think we'll keep one "as is" and have the other on hand as our wedding "guestbook."

Two unique platters with the unique wedding logo created by our friend Greg. What a fun surprise!

Because Laura photographed our engagement and not Steffi, I've "borrowed" a photo from her blog, shared below. This is one of Steffi's more creative shots, using self-taught photoshop skills to make life imitate art.

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