Friday, September 5, 2008

Morning Spark!

In an effort to make sure our wedding pictures are as okay as possible (I can't say I'm excited about having my picture taken over and over and over again)... I decided I might as well have white teeth.

Step 1. Check into professional teeth whitening. Dentist cost = $299.

Step 2. See if there are any more affordable options out there. Find out that Sam's Club has a traveling teeth whitening program. Track down phone number, call teeth whitening people and leave two messages. After no return phone call, and hence never finding out which store they would be visiting next, decide to check out other options.

Step 3. Settle on Crest White Strips. Find White Strips on eBay for $8.99 plus shipping.

Step 4. Consider that your morning coffee drinking habit isn't conducive to keeping white teeth or doing a whitening program.

Step 5. Remember that a friend mentioned a caffeinated morning juice. Seek out that juice (Morning Spark) in the grapefruit flavor the friend recommended.

Step 6. Begin whitening regime. Hope that replacing coffee with the less-abrasive-on-the-teeth Morning Spark satisfies the caffeine need and the white strips do their job.

(Note: I will give an update on Morning Spark and its flavor, caffeine level, etc.)

1 comment:

annabeck said...

i used crest whitestrips 4 years ago and my teeth are still fairly white.... i think it's the best option.