Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reunited and it Feels So Good

On Friday night, Dan, Maria, Kyle and I participated in one of America's favorite past times—bowling. We went to the relatively trendy 300 Atlanta (similar to Lucky Strike or Tin Pin Alley, if you're familiar with those).

Our dinner, drinks and prices per game were not cheap, but I do feel that the group enjoyed the outing. I think the highlight of the evening, however, was being reunited with a long, lost love...

The music video.

Oh how I've missed thee! Channels that played music videos in our youth now focus on reality dating shows, pseudo soap operas and other things not pertaining to music videos. Even Total Request Live, a show that goes through the "top 10 music videos" of the day only plays snippets of each video.

At 300 Atlanta, ATL VJ's kept videos flowing and entertaining. After playing some relevant songs, the VJ at the helm mixed things up with "Old School Friday," going through some Naughty by Nature, Aliyah, Snoop, Bel Biv DeVoe, etc., even going so far as to mix one video into another. Each lane had a screen and bowlers were moving and grooving to the music (myself much more awkwardly than the bowlers to our left and right).

I was particularly enamored with Rihanna's newest release, Disturbia. She's hot, the song is fun and the video is fierce. Enjoy.

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