Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Is Upon Us!

I have pumpkins and costumes on the brain!

(Maria and Kyle's pumpkins from last year)

On Sunday, I'll be partaking in one of my favorite Halloween activities—carving jack-o-lanterns. Then on Friday, the time will come to don a costume for an evening of witches brews and general Halloween silliness.

While I'm excited about my planned costume for this year, I though it would be fun to share a few costumes from years past. I get way too excited about brainstorming costume ideas and then doing my best to handcraft them. In fact, I don't think we Americans have enough reasons to dress silly throughout the year.

Too bad I can't find a picture of 2001's "tube of toothpaste."

2005: girl scout, pictured with a bad cop... back in the single days

Trashy Florida fan, circa 2006

2007: baseball player (Maria), jack-o-lantern (me) and 80's workout chick (Moeko)


Unknown said...

AHHH!!! The famous cop/girlscout picture re-surfaces! Haha :)

Anonymous said...

a question and a request:
are you leaving us wanting more? not revealing the 08 costume.
will you post a tooth paste pic?

Mb said...

mmmmm loves it. I'm all about creative DIY Halloween costumes. Just wait til you see district pics of this year.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

This year's costume will be grand - maybe I will talk about it privately for now. As for the toothpaste pic, I'll have to find one to scan!

And Mira, can't wait to see what you ladies come up with!