Friday, October 24, 2008

In a post a few months back, I talked about how I asked my bridesmaids to pick out a solid, chocolate brown, satin, floor length dress for our wedding (versus assigning them all the same dress). 

I asked Steffi and Laura to take photos of all us girls together. I love the different shapes, cuts and personalities of the dresses—and I even think the slight variance in shades from dress-to-dress played out nicely! 

Dora, who handled my dress alterations, also told me about a neat and new phenomenon in choosing bridesmaid dresses. Some brides are purchasing several yards of the same fabric for their maids then leaving it up to them to have a dress designed with that fabric. What fun that would be, though it wouldn't be quick or easy to find the right seamstress and go through the multiple fittings.

Thank you to my gals for hunting down their dresses, as I realize this was much more work than just writing a check for the dress of my choosing. Also, an even more special "thanks" to Moeko, who battled having her dress lost in the mail before finding a beautiful (but more expensive—sorry!) dress at a department store.


Anonymous said...

that turned out beautiful!

Mb said...

I loved your casual approach to letting us pick dresses. Loved my dress for your wedding. Will love it even more when I hack it into a mini to wear on New Year's Eve.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Glad you liked your dress - it was a good pick! Also know my feelings won't be hurt if that thing never sees the light of day again. 'Tis the usual fate of a bridesmaid dress. :)

moeko said...

Things happen for a reason, and now I have a dress I love that I can wear to fancy occasions!