Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Bridesmaid Creativity

When Megan and Maria came over Saturday night for a little takeout (mmm nom nom Noodle thai peanut bowl), they brought over their bridesmaid dresses for me to look at.

One may ask, "As the bride, shouldn't you already know what they look like?" Well, I have seen links to the dresses but haven't seen some of them in person. 

When I started thinking about the "perfect" wedding, I decided it would be fun to have each girl pick out her own dress. I did add in some stipulations and guidelines. For our fall wedding, I asked the girls to find chocolate brown, satin, solid-colored, floor length dresses. That sounds like a lot of limitations; however, all eight of the girls managed to find fabulous dresses -- with no two alike!

My thinking was that even though they'll still probably never wear this dress again, the girls all might as well look great that night. Every woman has different cuts and lines that are flattering. Few women are the same. Some are more well endowed while others are less curvy.  Mermaid cut, strapless, spaghetti strap, full skirt, A-line skirt -- the girls' choices run the gamut. I love it!

I promised Maria and Megan on Saturday night that I wouldn't post the picture I took, so I won't. But I will at least show a few examples the dresses they chose. 

Thanks, girls, for putting some time and effort into this, as I realize it was more complicated of an attire endeavor than if I'd assigned one dress to all. 


Mirabelle said...

My dress is the middle one!!

Mego said...

lol if you'd said you can shorten it and wear it again,i'd have died laughing. soo excited!